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Have you ever tried to upload an image to a web portal only to be told that the image is too large?

What if you tried to store an image file but realized the size took up a lot more space than necessary?

"Image Compressor" is the solution to both of those problems.

What is Image Compression? Compressing images is a method for decreasing their file sizes [while maintaining their quality]. The digital photo retains its appearance and physical characteristic, but in a much smaller size, so that it occupies less space, and is acceptable to upload to relevant sites.

The smaller file size allows you to store the image more economically and efficiently, as the space it will occupy will be significantly less, while the time and bandwidth required for uploading and downloading the image will also be significantly less. Normally, this is accomplished using a “compression tool.”

It can prove difficult to find a tool that is trustworthy and can do a clean job, despite the fact that there are quite a few such tools online.

However, not anymore. With the "simplest, most high-standard image compressor" on the web, you have it right under your nose.

Photo Signature Resize presents online Photo Compressor. COMPRESS JPG AND PNG SIZE SIGNIFICANTLY WITHOUT LOSING QUALITY Compression of JPG and PNG Images by Photo Signature Resize is a powerful online tool that enlarges images while maintaining image quality and resolution with utmost refinement.

Compress your images Up to 70% (file size reduction) Upload 20 images at a time, max 5 MB each. Supported file formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG Supported file compression method: Lossless Typically, the image quality produced by this tool is so high that you cannot tell the difference between the compressed image and the original.

You can compress jpg, jpeg, and png files with our photo compressor Tool. Using this tool, you can compress images for web usage, such as social media (reducing upload and download times and bandwidth requirements), and for local storage (saving space).

This jpg size reducer tool allows you to compress JPEG files to 200kb, 100kb, 50kb or even up to 20kb before adding them to your blog posts and web pages. Your website will load faster if your images are smaller, which means better SEO and a faster website.

In addition, the image size compressor will compress multiple images at once - up to 20 images in total.

This mass image optimizer makes it simple to compress images in a batch, saving thousands of hours of time over compressing dozens of images one by one.


The online Image Compressor tool is so easy to use. The software requires minimal user input while producing an incredible result.

Step 1: Drag your Image file to the upload icon or use the upload button.

Step 2: The Image Compressor will compress your image while maintaining its quality

Step 3: Click Download or save it.

As mentioned earlier, you can upload up to 20 images at a time, but each image cannot exceed 5MB in size.

Your next step is to upload your image. Click on "Upload" and select your desired images from your computer. Dropbox also lets you upload images.

Once you have selected an image, the tool will automatically compress it without requiring you to do anything else.

When you want to upload multiple images, just click "Upload" again or choose from Dropbox, even if the previous image(s) are still being compressed.

Youll be able to download the compressed image(s) or save it to Dropbox once the process is complete:

With this tool, you can compress photos and images using smart lossless Image Compressor (more on that later).

The number of colors is selectively reduced in the image data, leaving your images with the same quality and resolution as the originals. In this way, it is possible to efficiently store or transmit data with fewer bytes.

In addition to using less bandwidth, our tool also loads pretty quickly. IMAGE COMPRESSOR BEST PRACTICES

Beyond saving storage space, image compression is also about image SEO. Its called “Image Optimization” and is about getting your images to rank on Google and other image search engines.

Images with large file size slow down your web pages, which creates a less than optimal user Experience (UX) and sabotages your search engine rankings.

Using an online image compressor, whether it is a JPEG or PNG image, reduces the file size, which in turn compresses your website s images, saves bandwidth, and improves your sites performance, ranking, and user experience.

Page speed is one of the factors Google uses to rank websites. In addition to high ranking, page speed is also very important for conversion.

Nearly half of consumers wont wait 3 seconds for a site to load. Amazon even admits that if their pages slowed down by one second, they would lose $1.6 billion in sales annually.

Thus, it makes sense to compress your images before uploading them to your website. The tool we offer uses lossless compression in order to significantly reduce the size of your image while retaining all the necessary data.